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Drakes Island Beach Real Life Style

A Maine COVIDcation

Although we had not spent a night outside of our home since February, or even eaten outside at a restaurant, we felt that the mental health benefits to our family would be worth the risks of the trip. Maine has consistently had one of the lowest rates of COVID-19 transmission and strict travel restrictions. We were not disappointed.


A Day Spent at Hudson Yards

I am going to lead with the conclusion here. To be clear, RLS loved Hudson Yards and we think you should all go yourselves if you are able.  The mall covers a wide range of price points, from H&M to Dior, but most importantly, there are some new discoveries you might not have had a chance to see, feel, and try on in person before.  This was the most fun part for me and Kyle. Well ok, I also had a lot of fun picking out “boy” sequin-flip tees for my kids at H&M, but even more we enjoyed discovering …