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Covid-19 Quarantine Life

Must-Haves for Working From Home: Easy Breezy Dresses

We all need simple these days, don’t we? Dresses caught on like wildfire about 10 years (or was it more?) ago because once women discovered the one and done lifestyle, there was no turning back. No matter how hard the fashion industry has tried to get women to go back to the blouse and skirt combo, they have refused. Summer is coming, our lives are only getting busier and our need for comfort even greater.

Shopping Tips

My New Competition

Amazon echo look, $199 . Watch the video first!!! In case you haven’t read the news recently, the so-called Amazon effect is putting a lot of retailers out of business these days. Is it also going to put personal stylists and image consultants out of business? Need to put coconut water on your shopping list? Ask Alexa. Need to know which necklace to wear with your outfit? Ask Alexa. No, seriously. With echo look, Amazon has not only included a hands free, LED light enhanced camera that takes outfit flattering pictures and videos, but also Style Check, Amazon’s answer to the …