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The RLS Guide to Maternity Shopping

The funny thing is, I was good at maternity shopping for clients BEFORE I was pregnant myself. Going through two pregnancies (which allowed me to see how wardrobe needs change with each subsequent pregnancy) only sharpened my maternity shopping skills. Still, it has been four years since I wore maternity clothes, and new maternity lines come out all the the time. RLS currently has two maternity clients, which has allowed us to keep up with the maternity market.

Scroll down for some of our new as well as old favorites. Tart makes stretch blazers that are so comfy, you won’t want to retire them after pregnancy. They also have some great under-tops. Loyal Hana has the best blouses, most of which have these crazy hidden zippers for nursing later.

Happy Shopping!

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Tart Essential Maternity Blazer in Heather Gray, $148

Tart Ursa Maternity Top in Black, $84 

Tart Essential Maternity Blazer in Black Space Dye Speckle, $148 $103.60

Tart Annora Print Maternity Top, $84



Loyal Hana

Loyal Hana Shannon Box Plaid Nursing & Maternity Blouse, $96

Loyal Hana Carrie Navy Nursing Maternity Top, $96

Loyal Hana Audrey Grey Tuxedo Top, $110 $65

Loyal Hana Amanda Black White Chevron, $90 $69



Tiffany Rose

Is your brother getting married when you are 8 months pregnant and you need to find something decent to wear? That happened to a good friend of mine and she discovered Tiffany Rose, a fabulous special occasion line from England. I’ve been using then ever since. (Pssst….Don’t let your order go over $800 or you’ll have to pay duties.)

Tiffany Rose Starla Short Dress in Infinity Blue, $305 $245

Tiffany Rose Mia Long Gown in Dusky Truffle, $385

Tiffany Rose Freya Short Dress in Scarlet, $290 $185

Tiffany Rose Marie Long Gown in Vintage Noir, $325



Isabella Oliver

A great button-down blouse can be a problem solver if you need to look professional for work but don’t need or want to wear a blazer. Isabella Oliver makes some of our favorites. They even have some plain ones so you can by comfy yet stylish on the weekend.

Isabella Oliver Jessica Maternity Gingham Shirt, $155

Isabella Oliver Elen Maternity Check Shirt, $155

Isabella Oliver Granville Maternity Shirt, $139

Isabella Oliver Dora Maternity Shirt in Pink/White Stripe, $145



Isabel Maternity by Ingrid & Isabel

Don’t want to spend a lot but still want style? Where was Isabel Maternity for Target when I was pregnant?! Walk, don’t run, to Target to figure out your size and then place an order online for a much bigger selection.

Isabel Maternity Floral Print Swing Dress, $29.99

Isabel Maternity Gingham Flannel Popover Tunic, $24.99

Isabel Maternity Crossover Panel Active Moto Leggings, $34.99

Isabel Maternity Cross-Panel Nursing Slub Tank in Black, $19.99



H&M Maternity

H&M saved the day towards the end of one of our client’s pregnancies. She felt confident and cute at work and was able to seem put together to her own clients, despite the struggle of that last month.

H&M MAMA Flounce-Sleeved Blouse, $29.99

H&M MAMA Smocked Dress, $34.99

H&M MAMA Creped Blouse, $29.99

H&M MAMA Patterned Blouse, $34.99



Insignia by Sigvaris

Sigvaris compression tights were by far one of the best purchases of my pregnancy. They worked liked SPANX, allowed me to stay on my feet all day, and supported the belly really well. They are such good quality, I was able to pass them onto a friend. However, I kept the trouser socks for myself and still wear them!

Insignia By Sigvaris Headliner Opaque Knee Highs in Black, $44.95

Insignia By Sigvaris Graduated Compression Maternity Tights in Black, $60


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