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Style Inspiration

Designer-Inspired DIY by Kyle

As your average late-20s millennial, who is living the DINK life and deciding how to spend my time before ~the next stage~ of my life, I have spent 2019 pouring my heart and soul into anything and everything crafty. I finished my first cross-stitch, which was from a kit gifted to me for my birthday by Lani. I hosted/planned both a bachelorette party and a bridal shower for one of my best friend’s upcoming weddings, so I created oversized paper flowers and balloon garlands galore. And of course I have made fashion DIYs aplenty. As we mentioned in our spring …

Shopping Tips

DIY: The Stud Trend

I have to admit, the “studded everything all the time” trend has only annoyed me the last few years. I have a pair of snakeskin Jimmy Choo flats with tasteful star studs that I worship, but it seemed to me that only Jimmy Choo was pulling off tasteful studs. I actually had an amazing army jacket from Bloomingdale’s with studs on the pockets and sleeves, but they kept getting caught and falling off, so I eventually gave up on the coat after more than getting my money’s worth out of it. Long story short, I was over the stud trend. …

Style Inspiration

Help Lani DIY!

Hey peeps! I have some new patches and I need your help figuring out where to put them. Remember my last DIY coat, the black one with the gorgeous Hamsa on the back? I’ve been wearing it this season to great acclaim, which has made my plain grey Lacoste coat just seem so plain… . . See what I mean? . . So I thought I’d spice it up a little! Can you believe I found this fabulous patch on Amazon? . . What do you think? Do you like the Love Potion patch on the grey Lacoste coat? Let …

Style Inspiration

DIY Gucci Coat

I was #OBSESSED with the Gucci bird coat last fall (as seen here on Dakota Johnson, lover of all things Gucci). The price tag was definitely of the “if you have to ask” variety, so I decided to try to recreate the idea on my own. I already owned a plain black designer overcoat from Philosophy, I just needed to find the right applique. I knew exactly where to get it, M&J Trimming in New York of course! As mentioned in this blog previously, I rarely have time to shop for myself when I’m in New York. That same trip that …