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Shopping Tips

Must Have Shopping Stops for the Conscious Consumer

Wouldn’t it be great if you could marry your love of fashion with your concern for the planet? Well, now you can with just a few clicks on some great new websites. Can’t keep track of the many elements that go into creating a sustainable, ethical marketplace, much less spend time researching them? Issues include where the clothes are made (local vs. thousands of miles away), what they are made of (renewable fibers vs. ones that require toxic chemicals to create) and worker wages and safety. RLS has taken upon ourselves to help you navigate the sustainable marketplace by suggesting a few …

Style Inspiration

The Oscars 2013: Turning the Red Carpet Green

The culmination of the awards show season, The Oscars, is coming up on February 24th. Continuing  my obsession with sustainable fashion, I want to tell you about the increasingly popular trend of wearing “green” on the red carpet. At the Oscars in 2012, Meryl Streep shined in a beautiful gold gown by Lanvin made from eco-certified fabric. This year at the Golden Globes, Bradley Cooper stood out in an eco-tux designed by Tom Ford. (Scroll down to see their looks!) These two creations, plus many more, are all thanks to Livia Firth. Although you may know her as Oscar winner Colin Firth’s wife, Livia …

Style Inspiration

Sustainable Fashion? So Stylish

It’s no secret that I believe fashion is more fun when it’s ethically produced. Therefore, where I heard about the collaboration between, the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer and Soko, a fashion workshop in Africa, I was ecstatic! Joanna Maiden, the mastermind behind Soko, created the store in 2009 in order to further support the sustainable fashion movement. She aims to produce beautiful high-quality garments made from fabrics sourced straight from Kenya, while also supporting the community through employment and local projects. The collection, ASOS Africa, first appeared on the e-retailer in 2010 featuring vibrant prints …

Style Inspiration

Cruelty-Free Fashion Is Fabulous

This post is for Erin B. and Alissa B! It’s almost 2013, and who isn’t thinking about how to be kinder to the environment? Even the fashion industry has become more eco-conscious. One of the biggest ways that designers have instituted better practices is in making cruelty-free pieces. These pieces are great for everyone, not just practicing vegans! They’re often more affordable as well. Faux fur isn’t new, but it used to be like the inexpensive stepchild of fur–now, it looks so good that it’s a trend on its own! So if you want clothes or accessories with the look …