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DIY Wooden Necklace for Summer

Photo May 04, 11 01 23 AM

I’ve really been wanting a statement necklace made out of wood for awhile now. However, the few I’ve liked at stores have all been way more than I wanted to spend on a summer necklace. As I’ve done before, I was sure I could make myself what I wanted, if only I could get to the proper store. “Proper store” is my euphamism for “Only in New York”, FYI.


Photo May 04, 11 01 34 AM

Photo May 04, 11 02 22 AM

During the same shopping jaunt that brought Kyle and I our inexpensive fur poufs, we stopped next door at Toho Shoji so that I could search for my necklace ingredients. One length of wood and a yard and a half of suede later, I had the makings of my necklace. How to? I threaded the suede through either end of the wood links, then tied a bow. Instant, presto, wooden statement necklace for a grand total of about $26.00. Compare that to the $245 version Kyle found online. And Lani does it again…



Photo May 04, 11 02 57 AM

wooden necklace

Ben-Amun Wood Link Collar Necklace, $245



Happy DIY!

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