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Shopping Tips

Lani and Kyle’s Summer Favorites

What gets the girls at Real Life Style through the summer? We thought you’d want to know. Shoes, makeup, and clothes, we’ve got all the important categories covered. Enjoy. Happy Shopping! . . Lani’s Favorites Block Printed Cotton Dresses I’ve been obsessed with Indian block prints for years. I have a collection of Indian block print bedding from John Robshaw I’ve been amassing for years and even went so far as to have one of our State Department clients bring me back some fabric from her posting in Chennai, which I had made into one of my favorite casual summer …

Style Inspiration

Lani’s Summer 2019 Reading Recommendations

A big question for a lot of women with full lives is, how do you make time to read? The most obvious answer is of course, put down your phone! I know I’m not the only one who had fallen into the trap of scrolling through headlines or Instagram for 30 minutes before bed. Put down the phone, pick up a book, and in a few weeks, you’ve read an entire book. And if you are too tired to read the book as I’ve been lately, just go straight to sleep! Waiting for the dentist or your child at karate? …