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Shopping Tips

Lani and Kyle’s Summer Favorites

What gets the girls at Real Life Style through the summer? We thought you’d want to know. Shoes, makeup, and clothes, we’ve got all the important categories covered. Enjoy. Happy Shopping! . . Lani’s Favorites Block Printed Cotton Dresses I’ve been obsessed with Indian block prints for years. I have a collection of Indian block print bedding from John Robshaw I’ve been amassing for years and even went so far as to have one of our State Department clients bring me back some fabric from her posting in Chennai, which I had made into one of my favorite casual summer …

Shopping Tips

A Few Of Our Favorite Things

Once in a while we just need to tie up loose ends and do a brain dump on you, our lovely readers, of our latest favorite things. The week before Xmas, when no one has time to seriously contemplate an involved blog, seemed like the right time! . . Lani’s Favorites . I feel like (as mentioned in the podcast highlighted last week), Kyle and I are always referring to our favorite $15 Uniqlo top.  While our previous favorite drape tee is currently off the Uniqlo website, this fall I have been stocking my own and a few clients’ closets …

Beauty Products

Get Good Brows

Have you heard about Glossier makeup and skincare? Their tag line is that they are “A beauty brand inspired by Real Life.” We love that here at Real Life Style! The product line was born from the beauty blog Into the Gloss, which gained a following by interviewing celebrities about their beauty routines. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know what products movie stars like Emma Watson use, especially when she’s gone through the trouble of researching natural and organic products for herself. The blog also features models and beauty and fashion entrepreneurs, other people who you’d love to get a …