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How Any Woman Can Look Put-Together in 2 Minutes or Less Using Lani’s 1-2-3 Formula

What is the 1-2-3 formula? It is my own proprietary method of instruction on how to achieve that sometimes elusive goal…looking put-together every day! Try it and let me know how it goes!

#1 Start with your base, i.e. a skirt or jean that makes you feel sexy. Not just ok, but sexy! Ideally your base has some structure to hold all the important parts in. Yes, this means NO YOGA PANTS!

11 9-22 1

J Brand Brooke Power Stretch mid-rise bootcut

#2 Add a pop! This could be in the form of color, texture, shine, or print. Whatever you choose, it should be something that gives you a thrill every time you put it on!

11 9-22 2

Chloe Scalloped Ballet Flats

11 9-22 3

Diane Von Furstenberg Animal Print Cashmere Scarf

#3 Finish with a 3rd element that adds style and polish such as a jacket or scarf. This is a great trick for you Moms out there as both hide lollipop and chocolate stains on your tee shirt. Accessories like a large necklace or sunglasses also work and are good options in warmer weather.

11 9-22 4

Helmut Lang Peak-Shouldered Wool-Blend Blazer

11 9-22 5

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pocketed Leather Tote

11 9-22 6

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