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Get Your 15 Minutes of Fame with the NARS Andy Warhol Collection

You know how I promote trends in fashion because they are a great tool to get one excited to get dressed every day? Well, an eyeshadow palette is what is getting me excited to put on makeup these days! Beauty is literally art with the Andy Warhol-inspired collection from NARS Cosmetics. This collaboration was a natural match for Francois Nars, who said that he has been very influenced by Warhol’s sense of rebellion and playfulness with color even before this collaboration.

The collection includes eye shadow palettes, lip gloss, nail polish, and beauty sets–and they sell for no more than regular NARS products! Each item is named after Warhol’s factory, quotations, or creations, which makes them extra glamorous. So really, the only problem is that the products are so beautiful that I don’t want to use them! Last month, Sephora and launched part of the line, and now the full line will be carried in department stores until January 15. Each department store carries exclusive products from the line… as if we needed another reason to keep shopping around! Check out some of the amazing pop-art make-up and channel your inner Superstar:

Warhol in the photobooth: classic. This set of nail polishes would make a great holiday gift for any glamour girl.
photobooth nail polish

Photo Booth Nail Set $35


NARS perfected this self-portrait eye shadow palette (which comes in three colors) by making sure that the design goes all the way to the bottom–can we call that “art preservation”?

Self Portrait palette
Eyeshadow Palette $55
This amazing beauty set is one of Saks’ exclusive products. No, the case isn’t big enough for your iPad… I already checked!

Saks exlusive set
The flower palette is exclusive to Sephora. It comes in three colors, like the self-portrait, and each color set has its own awesome Warhol quote etched in the mirror! This one is my favorite…
Flower palette

Debbie Harry’s silkscreen portrait is one of Warhol’s most iconic works, so it makes sense that it gets an entire eye and cheek palette. This is also one of Sephora’s exclusive sets.

debbie harry cover
debbie harry eye and cheek
Warhol worshipped Marilyn Monroe’s lips. With these lip glosses, everyone will envy your lips!
lip gloss
Be a “Superstar” with this on-trend teal polish.
Superstar nail polish
The line wouldn’t be complete without the Factory Girl herself. This beauty set mixes thin & dark, shimmery & light, and flirty & innocent–just like Edie!
Edie Sedgwick
And if you want the whole “Factory Look,” check out these Get The Look videos on!

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