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Journey to the LAND of distraction


70’s-inspired fashion is so on trend that there’s now a whole new women’s clothing line dedicated to nostalgia for the decade. On February 1st, new contemporary brand LAND of distraction launched its inaugural collection self-described as “for the thrill seekers, the rule breakers, the path finders.” The brand combines a retro cool-girl attitude with gritty Southwest flare in a collection that definitely takes some risks.

In an interview with V Magazine, founder Danita Short says of the brand, “There is a movement of empowering women right now happening globally and I want to enhance that. Like in the 70’s, I want our clothes to be fun, colorful and sexy and which can continuously be mixed and matched amongst future collections.”

LAND of distraction has already garnered some hype after celebrities Kate Bosworth and Jaime King gave the brand their stamp of approval. The two actresses arrived at the LAND of distraction launch party in November dressed from head to toe in pieces from the collection:


Jaime King (in a Jett jacket and Drew and Nona dresses)

Kate Bosworth (in Bruce pants, a Daddy jacket, and a Kate T-shirt)


This new brand takes a unique approach to the incorporation of menswear elements in a women’s collection. Rather than the boyfriend blazers, tuxedo-stripe pants, and brogue loafers we are so used to seeing at this point, LAND of distraction offers utility-style jumpsuits, leather hoodies, and T-shirt maxi dresses.

While some of the pieces in the collection are pretty out-there, I appreciate how many women are probably jumping for joy over this fresh take on women’s fashion. Click through the sliders below to view selections from this new brand!

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LAND of distraction Jim, $675

LAND of distraction Nash, $825

LAND of distraction Jett, $1,950

LAND of distraction Dean, $925




LAND of distraction Nona, $245

LAND of distraction Devyn, $795

LAND of distraction Roxy, $170

LAND of distraction Layla, $245



Pants & Jumpsuits

LAND of distraction Mac, $1,295

LAND of distraction Bruce, $350

LAND of distraction Andy, $325

LAND of distraction Angus, $495


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