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Shopping Tips

Our New Favorite Blazer

Update: Athleta no longer carries my original Stellar blazer, but that’s ok! They’ve updated the fit so that it works on even more body types. Now they are currently making the Interstellar Blazer, and hopefully they never stop!

Did you know there’s an affordable blazer on the market that you can rock at the gym and at work? I promise I’m not teasing you. This is real!

The Stellar Blazer by Athleta is made of super-stretchy, breathable, neoprene fabric and comes in both regular and petite sizes. This piece is our new go-to for clients, including a woman currently shopping for maternity clothes. The long length is super flattering on a lot of people. Just make sure you wear it with a skinny pant. I tried it on in the store with the culottes I was wearing and it looked crazytown.

Athleta Stellar Blazer, $198


If the Stellar Blazer looks familiar, that might be because we featured it in last month’s blog, 5 Outfits Every Mompreneur Must Have – Updated. This comfy, chic jacket is perfect for any woman on the move, mom or otherwise. The blazer pairs well with denim (see Kyle in my blazer below); a more tailored pant, skirt or dress for work; and a casual/workout legging. For size reference, I’m a size 6 and took a Small, Kyle is a 4 and needed the XS, and Ella is super excited that it comes in an XS Petite!

Happy Shopping!

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Kyle models the Stellar Blazer

Here’s an Athleta model climbing around a rooftop (?) in her Stellar Blazer!


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