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Shopping Tips

SukiShufu Is Super Cool

As my 4-year old would say, the SukiShufu brand of luxe activewear is “super cool.” Now say SukiShufu is super cool 5 times fast. Just kidding. Founded by Caroline White, a lifelong top-tier athlete, all the products are sustainably and ethically sourced when possible and Made in England. I dare you to tell me these aren’t some of the coolest workout outfits you’ve seen.

Happy Shopping,

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For your Solidcore class

sukishufu outfit

SukiShufu Tempura Pink Crop Top for Women, $94

SukiShufu Leatherback Candy Pink Gloss Long, $130

SukiShufu Leatherback Wasabi Top, $100

Nike Zoom Pegasus 32 Running Shoe, $110



For your cycling class

sukishufu outfit 2

SukiShufu Leatherback Bandeau, $65

SukiShufu Leatherback Unagi Tank,$116

SukiShufu Universe Pink Long Leggings, $129

Asics GEL Kayano 22 Running Shoe, $160



For running on the treadmill

sukishufu outfit 3

SukiShufu Leatherback Miso Crop Top, $93

SukiShufu Sweat Top, $180

SukiShufu Shunga Shorts Black, $152

Adidas Ultra Boost Running Shoes, $180



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