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Shopping Tips

The Perfect Outfit


What is The Perfect Outfit you ask? It is flattering, appropriate for multiple occasions and makes you feel LIKE A MILLION BUCKS. A few weeks ago a long-time client showed up to lunch in the above outfit and it rocked my world. Why? She had created it herself using tools she learned from yours truly. Keep reading for the details…

e+z blazer
Where did she find this awesome blazer, with a waist-creating shape and a color made for the camera? On this blog of course! It arrived in her inbox just as panic about a TV appearance was beginning to set in. She had it overnighted and wore it on the Today Show a few days later.
How much is the perfect under-top worth? In this case, $285. Although initially floored at spending this much on a tank top to go UNDER a jacket, she realized that after 4 hours of searching, time saved shopping plus umpteen wears would make this a value piece after all.
theory pants
Who makes the perfect pant for you, baby? Theory, every time. This is a lesson none of my clients ever forget.
cole haan pump
I recommended this perfect pump to the client (and many more since!) 8 years ago. She has now bought multiple pairs and it still goes from work to dinner to cocktail without missing a step.
the tote
Ok, so this is not the exact black tote the client was carrying, but I just had to add it. RosaLovesDC featured it on her blog a few weeks ago in a great denim color and I must agree with her, it is the perfect tote.
Happy shopping!

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