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What Do You Dare?

Go ahead, I dare you. Are you going to mix stripes and florals this spring or don head to toe orange sherbert? We all get stuck in a style rut at times, having decided long ago which silhouettes and colors work for us. This season, I dare you to try something new!

This is why I love trends. You aren’t just discovering a new color or silhouette, you are discovering a new aspect of your personality. Bridget Foley had a great post-mortem on Golden Globes style in Women’s Wear Daily (THE fashion industry newspaper for those of you who don’t know) this week. She pointed out that stars (and their stylists) go for the same looks again and again: the skintight mermaid, strapless, red, blush, lace, etc. It is as if “sexy” and “skinny” were the only adjectives the stars wanted attached to their outfits. Oh wait, I forgot “glamourous”! And what is with the cleavage?!

What about interesting, intellectual, charting new territory in a very un-Bjork swan dress sort of way?Apparently only Tilda Swinton has the stomach to try truly new looks on the red carpet and accept the backlash that could come with the exercise. Ms. Foley offered some suggested looks for the next red carpet. We’ll see if any of them take her up on it the next go round, The Oscars on February 24th. In the meantime, here is the look I hope someone, anyone, adopts for the red carpet.


Dior RTW Spring 2013

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