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What to Wear to Your Next Protest

Need a fresh protest tee so you aren’t repeating too much on your Instagram feed? We’ve got you covered, from reasonable to designer. Can’t make it to many protests because you are working full-time while taking care of three young children? You can still wear the t-shirt, as they say. Or the mask! From reasonable to designer, these are some of our favorite options for protest tees, masks, and accessories.

Happy Shopping!

T-Shirts and Sweaters

Like many, my protest t-shirt collection started a little more than four years ago. The place to shop for protest wear in DC is called The Outrage. You may recall my original buying frenzy at the store during the last presidential election cycle. I have the tank version of the policy and change t-shirt below, among others. In light of recent events though, I think it is time for a new haul. Lingua Franca, the expensive protest sweater brand below, started the designer trend five years ago, and have since expanded their collection to include custom items.

Strong Women Society Love Over and Over Tee, $24.99

The Outrage Colin Kaepernick is a Hero Unisex Tee, $32

The Outrage Policy & Change Unisex Tee, $32

The Outrage Black Lives Matter Tank, $32

Bailiwick Unisex There’s Nothing Wrong Tee, $25

District of Clothing Change Maker Making Change Tee, $28

ACLU Pride is Still Protest Tee, $28

ACLU Trans People Belong Tee, $28

Kid Super Black Lives Matter Tee, $28.46

Kid Super Black Lives Matter Tee, $38.46

P’s & Q’s Say Their Names Tee, $40

For All to Envy End Racism T-Shirt, $50

Other Wild Women in Congress Tee, $36

Feminist Apparel Empowered Women Empower Women T-Shirt, $29.95

Feminist Apparel Women’s Rights are Human Rights T-Shirt, $29.95

Feminist Apparel If You are Neutral in Situations of Injustice T-Shirt, $29.95

Lingua Franca Vote Short Sleeve, $285

Lingua Franca Give a Damn Sweater, $380

Lingua Franca Science Not Fiction Sweater, $380

District of Clothing Common Purpose Hoodie, $64

Resistance by Design We Will March Sweatshirt, $45

Clare V. Vive La Resistance Sweatshirt, $125


A mask is the perfect place for a statement of protest, don’t you think? Like you are talking, but no one can see you lips moving…I really want the Say Their Names mask from The Outrage, and not just because it is purple tie-dye.

Bailiwick Kindness is Contagious Mask, $15

Kid Super Speak Up Mask, $15

Resistance by Design Vote Mask, $20.20

The Outrage Say Their Names Mask, $20

The Outrage Vote Face Mask, $16

Collina Strada Black Lives Matter Mask, $60

Black Lives Matter Justice Face Mask, $15

Everlane The 100% Human Face Mask Three-Pack, $28


How about a non-traditional protest statement? Are you a woman who wears a tie? We’ve got you covered. I love the omni-flattering colors of the Herwave Presidential Sheer Silk Wrap. This is the perfect gift for the feminist in your life. The Clare V. I Am a Voter Crossbody Strap is making its second appearance on the blog because well, it’s amazing!

Resistance by Design For Freedom Tie, $85

Resistance by Design Herwave Presidential Sheer Silk Wrap, $125

Clare V. I Am a Voter Crossbody Strap, $95

What is the best place to buy protest t-shirts in your city? I know most of us aren’t shopping in person right now, but we can still support our local stores online so that they are there for us when the pandemic is over. Let us know in the comments!

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