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A Stone’s Throw Jewelry

I’m so excited to be highlighting A Stone’s Throw jewelry, our favorite line of effortless jewelry made to stand the test of time. Do you remember my trip to Portland last summer? In my one-minute stop at designer Kimberly Stafford’s booth, I was able to see that she was designing jewelry RLS clients would love in their wardrobes.

The items you see below are just what is available on the Stone’s Throw website. If you want to see unique pieces or design a custom piece with Kimberly, act fast! She will be at Unique Markets at Union Market this weekend. And if you are a RLS client, you should have received an invitation to a special event with Kimberly and RLS on Tuesday evening.

Happy Shopping!

P.S. Not only is Kimberly a talented designer and a lovely person, she gives back. A portion of all sales goes to non-profits that support women, children, refugees, and racial justice.

My Favorite Necklace

I am obsessed with the Winged Companion necklace. Not only do I rarely take mine (gifted from Kimberly!) off, but I bought a matching wing for my best friend as a “grown-up” best friend necklace.

A Stone’s Throw Winged Companion, $58-285

Threader Earrings

Threader earrings are Kimberly’s “thing”. I have to admit, I wasn’t into them at first. Threader earrings seemed too young and trendy. I had a change of heart as soon as I saw them in person. And especially once I saw a pair on a client. The collection of threader earrings from A Stone’s Throw is incredibly extensive. I dare you to check it out and choose just one!

A Stone’s Throw Crystal Quartz Threaders, $75

A Stone’s Throw Brassy Spear Threaders, $58-65


Labradorite, chalcedony, rubies, and apatite are just some of the gemstones that our clients have been loving from A Stone’s Throw. We’ve been mixing these with rose, yellow, and white gold. Kimberly has been generous enough to entertain my many custom requests! How stunning are the gemstones on (very sturdy) silk cords? These may become my signature gift!

A Stone’s Throw Labradorite Back on Track, $68

A Stone’s Throw Knotted Apatite, $135

A Stone’s Throw Gold Rutilated Quartz, $36

A Stone’s Throw Australian Moonstone, $36

A Stone’s Throw Barrel of Laughs Bracelet, $65-85

A Stone’s Throw Low-Ride Rockstar Rubies, $135

A Stone’s Throw Fire and Ice: Chalcedony, $125

A Stone’s Throw Chalcedony Rockstar, $85


The very first custom order RLS designed with Kimberly involved pearls. There have been many more pearl pieces since! This woman knows her pearls. Can you tell me these are not some of the coolest pearl pieces you’ve seen?

A Stone’s Throw Coin Pearl U-Turns, $70

A Stone’s Throw Baroque Study #1, $285


Oh, how I love an aquamarine! Our clients do too, apparently, because I can’t keep them around for very long. I was so excited to give a client a custom pair of aquamarine and white gold threader earrings Kimberly just custom made for her that I tried to drop them off on a Saturday night! Like they were treasure burning a hole in my pocket…

A Stone’s Throw Aquamarine Asym Kites, $56

A Stone’s Throw Aquamarine Tears, $56


The quality and the color of gold jewelry is not all equal. No matter how delicate, the gold used in A Stone’s Throw jewelry seems to light up one’s face. And how freaking cool is the contrast of the colors in the Oxy Poval earrings below? If you need a “not so basic” pair of silver, gold or rose gold earrings, look no further.

A Stone’s Throw 14k Gold Stacking Rings: Diamonds, $195

A Stone’s Throw Golden Hammered Stacking Rings, $28-120

A Stone’s Throw Cinque Hexy, $68

A Stone’s Throw Oxy Povals, $78

A Stone’s Throw I’ll Take an “S”, $50-56

A Stone’s Throw Harris Necklace, $275-290

What are your favorite styles? If you are a client who has not yet RSVP’d for our Tuesday event, please do so!

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