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What Kind of Bag Does Your Man Carry?

What kind of bag does your man carry? Or, gentlemen, what does your bag say about you? The mark of a recent male college graduate is the nylon backpack they use to carry their laptop and/or gym clothes to and from the office. The mark of a mature man is a gorgeous leather messenger bag. Below are some of my favorite “man bag” options. Most of these bags have added features such as a padded section for your tablet or laptop. And for those of you who need a laptop backpack for ergonomic reasons, I’ve found the coolest one ever! Start scrolling!


Just need a place for your water bottle, tablet, and a snack? This compact bag is rugged enough to be cool but still appropriate enough to bring to the office.


Fossil Estate Canvas City Bag in Olive, $108.00

The shiny textured surface of this black leather option is terrific both for someone in a creative field such as advertising, and someone in a more formal field such as banking.


Marc JacobsMarc by Marc Jacobs Simple Leather Robbie G Messenger Bag, $500.00
Another greater “commuter bag” for someone who doesn’t need to carry a laptop back and forth.



The epitome of a “gorgeous leather messenger bag.” Love this one for travel especially!



Dunhill Leather Messenger Bag, $900.00

Cool AND luxurious, this Mulberry bag reminds me of an old fashioned briefcase yet can handle the weight of a laptop.


Mulberry Ted

Mulberry Ted Leather Satchel, $1,350.00

Love the price and the beat-up cool of this Frye messenger bag. Note to self: buy some Frye boots for Fall!



Frye ‘Logan’ Messenger Bag, $448.00

This Tumi bag is a tremendous value, comes in multiple colors, and has a padded area for a tablet.


Tumi Centro

Tumi ‘Centro-Verona’ Messenger Bag in Navy, $375.00

Cool AND cheap! Must have! Check out the entire Abingdon line.



Abingdon Laptop Bag, $98.00

So sophisticated!



Montague Leather Satchel, $298.00

The Ultimate Laptop backpack.



This Gap bag is perfect to stuff your gym clothes into.



Nylon Buckle Cross Body Bag, $70.00

Another sophisticated option for a gym bag that doesn’t look like a gym bag.


ralphRalph Lauren Scrape Canvas Messenger Bag, $70.00

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