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The 5 Questions: Why You Should Clear Your Clutter


This week I was inspired by a series of de-cluttering articles featuring clutter guru Peter Walsh in a past issue of O Magazine. I was actually re-reading the issue in my own attempt to get rid of clutter, specifically magazine clutter! I had saved it because the magazine had a fabulous list of worthy charities to donate unwanted items. This time around it occurred to me that not only should I bookmark the list online, instead of saving the physical magazine, but that I should share it with you dear readers!

I’m not going to beat you over the head with a million reasons why you should clear your clutter; instead I am going to give you 5 questions to ask yourself.


1. How does looking at the cluttered area make you feel now?

2. How would you feel if the area bothering you were clear?

3. What could you do if the area bothering you was organized and cleared of clutter?

4. How does this clutter and your frustration with it affect other members of your household?

5. What is a first step you could make to clear your clutter?

Since the closet is my specialty, I’ll give you some sample answers using this as the example space.

1. “Looking at my cluttered closet every morning makes me feel overwhelmed before I even start my day.”

2. “Clearing the clutter in my closet would make me feel peaceful and in control of my wardrobe and style.”

3. “If my closet were cleared of clutter, I could put together coordinated and accessorized outfits every day, which would make me feel confident enough to ask for a raise.”

4. “My husband gets frustrated that it takes me 45 minutes to get dressed for date night and that there is no room for his clothes in the closet.”

5. “To start, I could pull out all of my shoes and get rid of the ones that don’t fit and are worn out or out of style.”

Imagine if this was your closet!

Need more motivation? There is no better motivation than Karen Kingston’s book Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui. Don’t be intimidated by the Feng Shui part of the title. I used to keep extra copies of this book at home to give clients who wanted to keep going through the rest of the house after we had cleared the clutter in their closets. My personal warning before you start reading? Don’t begin the book before bed or you will be up all night!

The easiest way to get motivated? Start with one small area, such as your jewelry drawer or your pantry and see how good it feels when you are done. Pick one area a week and keep going. Or hire someone! Think of it this way…Could you exercise regularly on your own? Of course you could but if you make an appointment with a personal trainer you are not only guaranteed to show up and put in the time, but your workouts will be much more efficient, resulting in faster, superior results.

I don’t want you to stop at your closet so here is a list of Professional Organizers whom I personally recommend to help you tackle the rest of your space! Live out of area? Like me, most of these organizers offer sessions over Skype.

Rachel Strisik of Rachel & Company for general and family organization
Kacy Paide of The Inspired Office for all things office and paperwork related
Katie and Kelly McMenamin of Pixies Did It
Stacy Urben Rechtin of Urben Renewal


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