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Lani Is Reading…

A question I get a lot is, “Which blogs do you read?” I used to think that I didn’t have time to read blogs. Turns out I just didn’t have time to read blogs about what they were wearing on the streets of Paris last Tuesday. Not that I don’t care about that, but with a family and a business to run, somethings got to go, right?

Blogs I do love are those that inspire while making me either feel happy or give me information I need. What falls under the happy category? Pictures of Lola, the charming chihuahua of Rosa Loves…, as well as pictures of beautiful food she has eaten on one of her many culinary adventures. Information I “need” is sound financial advice to which I can relate, recipes I can whip up easily, how to make oxford shoes age appropriate…

Of course all of this goes down much easier when accompanied by whimsical illustrations, beautiful photos and easy navigation. So here is the answer to that age old question I mentioned above. These are the blogs I actually READ.

Rosa Loves… is fabulous for any age if you like cute chihauhuas, beautiful photographs of food and chic but practical fashion.

The Everygirl, which bills itself as “the life map for everygirls everywhere,” really is that. Filled with financial and fashion advice as well as plain old life advice, every 20 and 30 something girl should be reading this blog.

Girls of a Certain Age is a blog started by Kim France, the former and founding editor of Lucky magazine. This is perfect for those 40 and up but still oh so cool, just like Kim. Does anyone remember Sassy magazine? She worked there. Need I say more?


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