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Design Mom, “Living with Kids: Lani Inlander”

design mom

I am thrilled to announce that my home was featured on Design Mom‘s Living with Kids series. Do you know about Design Mom? I mentioned the Living with Kids series in the newsletter a few months ago when my friend Riche Holmes Grant, a creative force on YouTube and elsewhere, was featured.

See pictures of Lani’s home and read the feature on Design Mom

Design Mom is one of the few blogs I have subscribed to for years and not just because I am obsessed with home interiors. Gabrielle Blair, the lifestyle blog’s founder, is also a relevant voice on the current political and social climate. Many of her insights have gone viral, particularly her twitter thread on abortion as an irresponsible ejaculation problem and discussions on sensible gun regulations. Yes, all of that in a blog that includes inspiring home interiors and stories of how other moms are making things work, struggles and all.

Which brings me to why so many are devoted to Gabby’s blog: the woman is BRAVE! She is a Mormon mother of six and broadcasting what I would call humanistic views on race, sexuality, and gun rights. She manages to give you hope and factual information at the same time.

Stan Rosenstock

Hanging in our entryway is “Power To The People,” a scene at the 1968 Democratic Convention, as captured by Lani’s father.

Design Mom also has fabulous features on travel, recipes, parenting, motherhood, crafting, and her family’s recent move back to France. There are not many websites I consider worth my limited time. Design Mom fills so many buckets for me, it is like a one stop blog shop!

What I like best about the Living with Kids series is the honesty with which the subjects tell their story while showing off their homes. I would be lying if I didn’t admit that this vulnerability was scary for me. But as a long time reader, I know this is what makes the series so good. And I know this willingness to be vulnerable is why you read my blog. I never try to be a glamorous influencer, just normal old me. I mention in the Design Mom feature that having my own business is the first time I felt I could be completely authentic professionally. By the time I started my own business, I had nothing to lose and no energy left to pretend to be something I wasn’t. I choose clients with whom I can be myself and clients choose me over other talented stylists because of me. Being myself is a strength, not a weakness. Thank you all for giving me that space!

Lani’s kids playing in the stone house at Bishop’s Garden on the grounds of the National Cathedral

I had the same experience when dating my husband. He likes to tell the story that when we met up for the first time in person after our three month phone and email courtship, I showed up wearing yoga pants and no makeup. He…noted my come as you are nature. Take me or leave me as I am under the “fashion stylist” veneer, I told him. This is the real me.

Real Life Style

A close up of the bookshelves in the RLS office

I hope you feel that you can be authentic in your work and social lives. One of the things we do when going through the personal styling process with clients is affirm that their true, quirky selves are terrific just as they are. We are there to help our clients translate their personality to the outside world through their wardrobes. When you feel authentic, the world hears and receives you more clearly. How do we know we’ve succeeded? By the twinkle in their eyes, the spring in their step, and the giant smile on their faces.


See pictures of Lani’s house and read the Design Mom feature.

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