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Northern Virginia Magazine, “How to be the best-dressed at this year’s holiday office party”

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It’s that time of year again, where friends, families and co-workers alike gather together to celebrate the year that’s passed, as well as look ahead at what’s to come. 

As is the custom with these types of events, there tends to be a proper dress code to adhere to, especially for the classic holiday office party.

To make things a little easier for you this holiday season, we chatted with three local personal stylists—Arlington-based Lindsey Evans of Lindsey Evans Studio, Rosana Vollmerhausen of DC Style Factory and Lani Inlander of DMV-centered Real Life Style—for in-depth tips on how to nail the look this year. 

Whether you’re brand-new to the company or a seasoned employee, here’s how local experts recommend you dress to impress at this year’s holiday office party. 

When planning an outfit for a holiday office party, what are key elements to consider?

LI: Two important elements to consider are when the party will take place and where. A holiday party taking place immediately after work or in the office usually has a more casual dress code than one taking place in the evening or at an off-site restaurant or event space.

In your experience, what is the most common go-to look here in the Northern Virginia region that women steer toward?

LI: Women in Northern Virginia tend to wear black as the base of their look, then add color in the form of accessories or a top. 

Do you have to always wear festive colors?

LI: You do not have to wear traditionally festive colors such as red, green or blue. However, you should wear either a color that makes a statement or metallic. Winter white or cream, slate blue, a deep berry pink, a pink veering toward rose gold and silver are all less traditional but still festive ideas.

Also, have fun with texture, color and shine when planning your holiday office party outfit. Satin and velvet are great elements to incorporate into your outfit, just keep the silhouette tailored. A red satin top would be a great addition to a high-waisted black velvet skirt and a black-wool blazer for a party in the office. 

Are there any big no-nos for the outfit?

LI: The no-nos for the holiday office party are always the same. Don’t wear anything too revealing, too dressy or too casual. You want to stand out because your outfit is chic, not because it is inappropriate. If you are new to the office, see if you can find pictures from last year’s party or ask the most appropriately dressed woman in the office what she would consider appropriate.   

Are there any specific trends you’ve noticed this year with your clients?

LI: Clients seem to be very into red, sequins and satin this year. Also, good-quality statement earrings.

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