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The Perfect Layering Piece for Every Outfit This Summer

Kyle and I are so excited to introduce All Day Alba’s Kerri Mesh Wrap Top, the perfect layering piece for every outfit this summer, as part of a new feature on the RLS blog. The last time we went so crazy for a single piece we devoted an entire blog to the Everlane Go Weave Jumpsuit. In that case, the brand reached out and asked if there was a piece I wanted to try out for our readers. In this instance, I was so excited over a video I saw featuring the Kerri Mesh Wrap Top that I contacted the designer and asked if we could work together.

All Day Alba can now be found at

Lani wearing her Kerri Mesh Wrap Top in Midnight, the perfect third piece

This blog featuring the Kerri Mesh Wrap Top is also the birth of a new series, RLS Finds, featuring our favorite fashion must-haves! RLS Finds will feature only items that are so practical, stylish, and well-fitting, we think most of our readers would benefit from owning them.

The Kerri Mesh wrap Top is one of the most versatile items I have come across. Kyle and I were already smitten over the internet, then had the same reaction when we received our gift packages from All Day Alba: love at first sight! It was like a person showing up from a dating app and actually being more good-looking and nice in person. The obsession was real.

Lani wearing her Kerri Mesh Wrap Top over a cotton lounge dress

The fabric feels so silky, light, and soft on your skin, you don’t even notice you are wearing another layer. I have worn the sports-mesh wrap top over a sleeveless exercise top while bike riding to provide modesty and block out the hot sun. It kept me cool and fashionable.

One of the items we make sure most of our female clients have is a third-piece layer for summer. It is a challenge to find something cool enough that it can cover the arms when it is super hot outside, keep out the chill inside, and look like a natural part of your outfit. The Kerri Mesh Wrap Top checks all of these essential boxes.

Lani wearing her Kerri Mesh Wrap Top tied over a bathing suit and pants

The Kerri Mesh Wrap Top is incredibly versatile. It is perfect as a glamorous, but totally practical, pool and pajama cover-up. Because it is made of a sports-mesh fabric it is quick-drying, breathable, and anti-wrinkle. Just wash it on cold in the washing machine and hang dry. Who wants to go to the dry cleaner these days?

Kyle wearing her Kerri Mesh Wrap Top in Night for date night

Kyle turned her Kerri Mesh Wrap into a glamorous evening top by layering it over her well-fitting All Day Alba sports bra. Some cute tying action (Kyle is the best at side bows!), rose-gold hoops, and a heeled mule complete her date-night look.

Kyle wearing her Kerri Mesh Wrap Top on a morning walk with iced coffee

The Kerri Mesh Wrap Top comes in Midnight (a black, as seen on Lani), Night (a grey, as seen on Kyle), Sundown (a gorgeous light pink), and Evening (a refreshing light mint). I already want this piece in Sundown to couple with black. Who doesn’t need another color to pair with black? Both the Sundown and Evening colors team well with black, grey, white, and cream. Because Night is a charcoal grey, it works on both warm and cool tones, acting as a neutral with many different colors.

Kyle wearing her Kerri Mesh Wrap Top open over a cotton dress

Kyle is wearing the Kerri Mesh Wrap Top open over a dress in the picture above. Did you know that there are six ways to tie the top? The designer’s sister made an amazingly clear and succinct video showcasing each way. I love how this layering piece goes as well with Birkenstocks as it does with bare feet by the pool or heels in the evening.

All Day Alba can now be found at

Kyle wearing her Kerri Mesh Wrap top in Night over at-home loungewear

Did you buy the Kerri Mesh Wrap Top? Which color? Let us know in the comments what you think!

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  1. Agnes says:

    I ordered the Kerri wrap in Midnight, along with two items from their $19 Covid sale – the Coffee Time T-shirt and the All Day leggings. Can’t wait to get them!

    1. Lani says:


  2. Lani says:

    I’ve gotten a few size questions. I am wearing a size Medium and Kyle is wearing a size Small in the pictures above. I could probably have also worn the size Small if I wanted the wrap to be tighter on my arms. In general though, I am a size medium in this season’s line.

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