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Lani’s New Lashes

Sometimes I get soooo excited about a new product I’m using, that I tell you about it a bit too soon. Therefore, I’ve waited to tell you about my most recent beauty obsession until I was 100% sure that it was as good as it claimed to be. But before we get into it, I have a question for you: Do you know as many people with lash extensions as I do ? I used to wonder why everyone else had better eyelashes or mascara than me until I realized they bought their eyelashes! I became completely obsessed with the idea of lash extensions…but not with the time commitment (not to mention the cost)  involved. I can barely commit to a pedicure every quarter, much less weekly or bi-weekly lash fill-in appointments.

Enter LashBoost by Rodan+Fields. You apply the clear liquid to your top lash line (as you would a liquid eyeliner) every night before bed and voilà! In a month your lashes are so much thicker and darker. The effect at this point is comparable to getting your eyelashes dyed, another service of which I’m a huge fan (but again, I’m unable to commit to the monthly appointments).

Things really get interesting at the three month mark. All of a sudden, you are waking up and not hating what you see in the mirror first thing in the morning. You might also do something crazy like leave the house with absolutely no makeup on and not feel super self-conscious. The difference is truly incredible. I know you want my “before” and “after” pictures, but I refuse to show you the dark circles under my eyes! So, take my word for it and if that isn’t good enough, Rodan+Fields has a money-back guarantee, which was enough to convince me to try it.


9 weeks of LashBoost Treatment (from R+F website)


At $150 for a three-month supply, this is not inexpensive, but the cost is about the same is having your eyelashes dyed without the need for an appointment with anyone. The real result of using LashBoost for the past seven months? I feel so much better about myself without makeup on. That may sound crazy but having fuller eyelashes detracts from my hereditary dark under-eye circles. Being able to put on only concealer and run out the door to exercise or even just hang out in my house on a Saturday with confidence is a game-changer.

If you would like your own new set of lashes, contact my super-friendly, helpful Rodan+Fields consultant Sandy Vogelman at or just shop online through her link here.  And if you have any more questions for me, feel free to email me at

Happy Boosting!

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p.s. I was not compensated or given discounted product in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions stated are my own. I am just so excited about my discovery that I had to share it with you!


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