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rent the runway unlimited

You know that feeling of burnout that you get by February from having worn the same winter wardrobe since October? Or that fleeting thrill you get from shopping that’s gone as soon as the item hits your closet? Rent the Runway thinks they have found the solution to our modern day shopping woes.

Applying the same model as Rocksbox uses with jewelry and Freshneck uses with men’s accessories, Rent the Runway Unlimited charges a monthly fee of $139 and in exchange you choose 3 pieces of clothing to rent for as long as you please. Just like Netflix. Brands such as Theory, Equipment, Joie, and DVF are all available for rental. If you fall in love with an item, no worries. Most items are available for purchase.

After using Rocksbox for almost a year, I can give you a few pros and cons to the rental system. Obviously, RTR Unlimited gives you an amazing opportunity to play with fun styles without feeling a huge commitment to the design. When I buy more expensive items, I feel this pressure to buy the most practical, seasonless items to get the most bang for my buck. But imagine getting to use a totally fun lightweight spring jacket, like this Candela Bat Jacket, for the 1 or 2 months that it’s actually weather appropriate? The rental model also makes a lot of sense for items that wear out more quickly, such as knitwear, or items that you only need to wear once a year, such as special occasion dresses.

star jacket

Candela Bat Jacket, $275

P.S. Lani REALLY likes this one!


However, there are minor annoyances with the system too. With the monthly fee of $139, you’re essentially losing $4.63 a day every time something is en route. It especially becomes an issue with RTR Unlimited, as you don’t get to choose the next item until they receive your previous item back. At least with Rocksbox, my next box gets shipped as soon as they receive notice that I have put my current box in the mail.

Lani thinks the constant wardrobe refresh could keep you from buying more than you during the season since you would be getting the rush of new items in the mail (and your wardrobe) all the time. What do you think about Rent the Runway Unlimited? Would you ever try renting your wardrobe?

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