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How to Wear Sequins for Day

“Sequins for day” is a phrase a fashion stylist throws around with barely-contained excitement, while a regular person just looks at them with a look of utter confusion. Yes, you can, and should, wear sequins for day. It has been a trend on the runway for a while, and has been slowly gaining ground on the street. Like a lot of trends, you probably don’t need to go shopping for this one. Here’s your checklist:

☐ Green army jacket
☐ Sparkly earring you usually wear for night
☐ Sequin tank you usually wear for night
☐ Leather trouser or jean
☐ Metallic flats

Have fun, try something new, and shop your closet!

small first name

military sequin outfit

Marissa Webb Iona Military Jacket, $500

Belstaff Paneled Leather and Stretch Twill Skinny Pants, $558

J.Crew Collection Sequin Tank Top, $228

Jeffrey Campbell Vionnet Loafers, $100

Baublebar Celestial Drops, $36


Lani Inlander is a personal stylist, working with clients who want to feel their best and look put-together every day. You can find her in the Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia and New York areas.

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