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How to Avoid a “Who Wore it Best” Scenario

Celebrity or not, we all like to feel we have an original style. Have you ever gone to a party only to discover that another girl there is wearing the same exact dress as you? Or perhaps you’re fruitlessly searching for a truly unique gift for the person who has everything? In today’s mass-produced society, both of these scenarios are bound to happen. Finding something with a personal or unique touch that’s still well-made (and adorable!) isn’t always easy, especially if you are pressed for time. However, with the website Of A Kind, your search just got a lot easier.

Claire Mazur and Erica Cerulo, best friends who met as undergrads at University of Chicago, created Of A Kind to showcase and support independent and less-known artists and designers. Each week, the website features one designer, his/her story, and the behind the scenes blog posts. Then, they release one limited edition item from that artist. The catch is that there are only a limited amount of items for sale, which is where the website gets its name. However, if you do manage to snag the item before it’s sold out, I think you’ll be proud to say that there are only 15 of your new clutch or 50 of your new scarf in existence. Here is a sampling of my favorite items from Of a Kind.

I’m OBSESSED with these pink stud earrings!


A unique wallet for either gender, look no further.


Wear this tee with a blazer and jeans for a look that is too cool.


Look fashionable while at the store by using these cute totes as reusable bags.


This clutch is the perfect size for all of your essentials.


This lightweight scarf makes a great addition to a spring outfit, either in your hair or around your neck.


The perfect tote bag is finally here!
This pouch is too cute! Keep your makeup in here and then toss it in your tote or use it as a clutch with jeans and a tee.

Cotton Candy Clutch by Kindah Khalidy, $85, 50 of a kind 

This beautiful statement ring is sure to draw attention!


Wooden jewelry is always effortlessly chic!


This handmade strap will make you want to keep your camera around you all day

Two-toned jackets such as this Garde Jacket is perfect over dresses for spring.


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