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The Fantasy- Spring Shoe Trends

This spring, it’s all about trying new things and breaking out of your comfort zone. However, if you’re looking for a way to freshen up your outfits without replacing your entire wardrobe, the easiest way to do so is to start with one or two new pairs of shoes. This season on the runways and in the magazines, we saw so many cute new styles of shoes, from sexy ankle strapped heels to laid-back smoking slippers. You may decide to go bold by trying the clear heel trend, or you may play it safe by spicing up your classic pump with hot pink or floral prints. Either way, make sure you take advantage of spring’s bright colors and upbeat patterns. When you add more fun and interesting pieces to your wardrobe, you notice that your personal style stands out even more than before. While you may not have enough room in your budget for the designer versions of this spring’s styles, my picks will give you a great idea of what to look for while shopping in your price range.

But don’t worry; I won’t leave you hanging, wondering where to buy affordable versions of the season’s trends. This week- The Fantasy, Next week- The Reality! Enjoy!


The Espadrille Wedge
the espadrille wedge


The Flat Skimmer
the flat skimmer
The Block Heel Pump
the block heel pump
The Classic Pump
the classic pump
The Smoking Slipper
the smoking slipper
The Cage Sandal
the cage heel
The Ankle Strap
the ankle strap
The Gladiator
the gladiator
The Printed Pump
the printed pump
The Clear Heel
the clear heel
Be Transparent
the transparency


The Wedge Sneaker
the wedge sneaker
The Exotic
the exotic

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