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Shopping Tips

Lani’s Easy, Inexpensive T-Shirt Upgrade

Last summer, at 38-years-old, I realized that I was too old to wear T-shirts to work. This realization was initially very sad, but when I discovered this draped top from Uniqlo, I got over it real quick. This top easily swaps in for normal T-shirts and looks great paired with patterned or linen pants and a cool necklace. A T-shirt for grown-ups! Hurrah!

I purchased this top in navy and black when Kyle and I visited Uniqlo at the beginning of the season, and I returned this week to stock up on more. I didn’t think I could get myself in and out of the store in 10 minutes, but I surprised myself with my discipline! I bought another black and another navy, plus a green (not currently available) and a dark grey. For the record, I prefer a loose, longer fit, so I got the shirts in a size medium. So comfy! And did I mention they cost $14.99 and are machine washable?

Happy shopping!

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Uniqlo Draped T-Shirt, $14.90



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