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Should This Be My New Raincoat?


The Everlane Anorak, $98


I received the promo email for this brand new Anorak from Everlane exactly one day after I stood in front of my very full coat closet, very amused. I had just realized that although I own about 5 different versions of a trench coat, I only have one real raincoat. That “real” raincoat is too short for a true downpour, and just like my Orla Kiely teacup boots, is probably not so age appropriate these days as it has birds printed on it. And did I mention that it isn’t actually that waterproof? See it below from when I took Max apple picking in the pouring rain. Two different trips to the apple orchard last fall, pouring rain each time. Go figure.



Aren’t we cute in our matching blue and green raincoats?


Anyway, all of this was brought on by the fact that I had to finally admit it was time to let go of my electric blue Burberry trench. It has been sitting in the closet waiting for me to stop having babies and fit into it again. And like I tell my clients all the time, when clothes have been sitting around through 2 kids, they just don’t look that great once you do fit into them again. I had it dry cleaned just to give it one last chance, but it still looks tired. I’m not ready to invest in another one while my kids are so young and messy, but I do need an easy piece that will go over whatever I’m wearing, has a hood (since moms don’t have enough hands to carry an umbrella), and is truly waterproof. The $98 price tag? Let’s consider that a bonus!

The only question left is what color? Bright navy, stone or midnight (dark navy)? Feedback please!

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