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Shopping Tips

The Color I’m Wearing Now

Krishna Das, my favorite musician, wears only red t-shirts and Steve Jobs was known for wearing only black turtlenecks. Could I possibly become known for wearing only…chartreuse?  I read once that when you are drawn to a particular color it is because you need to incorporate that color’s properties into your aura. I don’t know about that but I do know that I had to stop and laugh when I realized that I had packed chartreuse tops for 2 out of 3 days of shopping in New York recently. (New York friends: Don’t give me a hard time for not seeing you. It was a shop till you drop sort of trip!) I’ll get back to you about my aura later. In the meantime, I put together some great chartreuse pieces you might want to incorporate into your spring wardrobe. You can layer like I do with a chartreuse button down under a chartreuse blazer, dark skinny jeans and denim ballet flats, or you can add a flash of chartreuse with a delicate watch against an all white look.


Happy chartreuse shopping!
yellow 11


yellow 4 


yellow 1


 yellow 3

 yellow 21

 yellow 5

 yellow 13

 yellow 7


yellow 10
yellow 17 


yellow 15


yellow 2


yellow 14


yellow 12
yellow 16


yellow 6


yellow 18
yellow 8



yellow 19




yellow 9


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