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Unicorns, Mermaids and Unstainable White Jeans

I must be one of the messiest people I know. The amount of white clothing I’ve ruined this year? At least 5 pieces! My most recent disaster was my favorite Gap slim denim shorts from last year, which suffered from a horrible stain at a BBQ a few weeks ago. Because of my child-like capabilites of destroying my pristine white clothing, some of my favorite items haven’t even seen the light of day this summer. My Zara white crepe shift dress has probably only been worn 3 times in the past year.

However, recently I’ve discovered clothing brands are coming out with a solution to the inevitable stained white clothing. Joe’s Jeans have come out with a line of jeans: the “Play Dirty, Stay Spotless” collection. The denim features an innovative wash treatment that will repel spills. If your daughter has the same issues that I (as a grown adult) have, there are styles for girls too! Needless to say, my order has already been placed.

joes unstainable stay spotless

Joe’s Stay Spotless Skinny Jean, $179

Joe’s Stay Spotless Boyfriend Trouser, $189

Joe’s Stay Spotless Rolled Short, $118

Joe’s Stay Spotless High Rise Flare, $179


I’m also so excited to place my preorder for the Elizabeth and Clarke Unstainable White Shirt. After seeing a video featuring the unstainable technology on Refinery29 (sent to me by my mom, who had to clean up after “the little girl who spilled everything”), the only question left was what style shirt should I get? I mean, this shirt even repels sweat! No more yellow underarm stains! And unlike the Joe’s Jeans, which has an unstainable coating that lasts about 20 washes, the Elizabeth and Clarke unstainable technology is woven into the shirts and lasts for years. Preorders ship out in spring of 2016.

elizabeth and clarke 1

Elizabeth & Clarke The Parker, $50



elizabeth and clarke 2

Elizabeth & Clarke The Arden, $50



elizabeth and clarke 3

Elizabeth & Clarke The Liz Lemon, $25



elizabeth and clarke 4

Elizabeth & Clarke The White, $50


What do you think of the stain-proof white clothing? Let us know on our RLS Facebook page!


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