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My Key to Staying Sane As a Working Mom

Staying sane as a working mom has never been easy. But it was a really close call for many of us the last two years! What got me through? Finally setting my alarm for a few hours before the kids wake up to have some time to myself. This was undoubtedly my key for surviving the pandemic. Keep reading to learn more about what I do and the book that might help you figure out your best morning routine.

Rise and shine!

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The Book

The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma

Prior to rising before the rest of my family, I regularly felt overwhelmed. I never had a minute to myself. Without this early morning peace and quiet, I didn’t have time to think and plan my day.

Enter The 5AM Club by Robin Sharma. This cute parable was the framework and inspiration that I needed. Pre-pandemic, I had been waking up with the kids. 5 months into the pandemic, I moved to 6am. This worked when my kids were in virtual school and waking up at 8am. However, the book pushed me to wake at 5am in 2021, when the kids went back to in-person school.

The 5AM Club proposes an hour long morning routine with 20 minutes each of exercise, meditation or journaling, and educational reading. As you may be able to tell, the book is geared towards entrepreneurs. I don’t follow the routine exactly, but I do find Mr. Sharma’s suggestion to exercise first to be pretty life changing. Now, it feels weird not to exercise immediately upon waking up. Muscle memory is a real thing I guess!

I journal as my spiritual practice, and I have recently added in a few minutes of no-pressure meditation. Taking time to work on my to do list and review my schedule are other elements that are important for me. Reading in the morning feels soooo indulgent! Even “work” reading. And so, of course, it is the hardest habit for me to maintain.

In fact, I am currently a bit off the wagon with my key habit to staying sane as a working mom. And I can tell! Ever since one of my kids had COVID over winter break, I have had trouble getting up at 5am versus 6am. I can’t seem to get to bed on time. However, I am still doing at least an abbreviated version of my morning routine most mornings.

Why am I writing this blog about my key habit to staying sane as a working mom while not following it to the letter? I want you to see that life happens to all of us, and I’m not perfect either. As Laura Vanderkam preaches, doing something three days a week versus seven is still doing it! Give yourself a break. You will get there. Some seasons are harder than others. Just keep up the habit and do your best.

You got this, mama!

P.S. What is your key habit to staying sane as a working mom? Let us know in the comments below!

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