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6 Ways to Wear a Scarf

One of the questions I get asked the most is how to wear a scarf. Women seem to know that scarves are in style but are often not sure they are wearing them correctly. I tend to find them folded in client’s closets, with the tags still on them. These same clients are amazed when I show them how easy they are to wear!


1. Create an Instant Outfit-Women are constantly telling me they want to look and feel, “put-together”. Adding a colorful, patterned scarf can turn even your most basic pieces into a pulled together “outfit” that will get you noticed.

2.  Scarves are an easy, inexpensive wardrobe update- Want to try one of the new bright colors or patterns this season, but don’t want to invest much? Tiptoe into the trend with a scarf!

3. Scarves are one size fits all- Pregnant, losing or gaining weight, and not looking to invest much in your wardrobe? A scarf will give you an instant wardrobe update while continuing to fit no matter your dress size. Scarves are also GREAT coverage for a post-baby or holiday party belly!
6 Ways to Wear a Scarf
1. Over a Cardigan
1 2
2. Over a Coat
3 4 5 6
3. Over a Little Black Dress
4. Tone Down your Holiday Party Outfit for Day
8 9 10
5. Over a Day Dress
12 11
6. Over a Neutral Work Blouse


How do you wear a scarf? Leave comments and let me know!

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