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Buy Yourself a Pair of Hunter Boots


Tis the week of rain boots! Ok, make that the third week of rain boots. Will it ever stop? Pictured above are my burgundy Hunter boots next to James’ mini-me navy pair in front of the window boxes Mr. Real Life Style put together. He loves it when we wear our matching boots!

What’s the point of this blog? It’s like the winters when it never stops snowing and you are sooo glad you bought a “cute” parka instead of just a parka. Spring for the Hunter boots instead of the cheap pair. Then when it rains for a month, at least you’ll look and feel cute. One of our clients just bought a gorgeous pair on Gilt and I bought mine on sale from the Hunter site. Do it. They will last 10 years. At least. You’ll have one perfect pair, which by the way, are a lot more comfortable than less expensive boots, and you won’t need to think about replacing them for a long, long time.

Happy Shopping!
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