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Cole Haan’s Heeled Revolution


The search for a pair of super comfortable pumps can be like searching for a unicorn. A lot of women, including quite a few Real Life Style clients, swear by Cole Haan for their comfort. The brand was owned by Nike for a number of years and all of their heels had “Nike Air technology,” a cushioned insole that made their shoes very comfortable.

When Nike sold off Cole Haan in 2012, Cole Haan invented a new name for their sneaker-like shoe designs: Grand.OS. We love their Grand lines for men’s and women’s oxfords, but their newest release IS truly revolutionary. The Grand Revolution brings the best parts of their loafers and oxfords to heels. A comfortable, cushy insole, extra breathability, superior flexibility, and additional heel support…um yeah, sign me up. I will be trying these pumps on ASAP to see if they live up to their claims.

P.S. Lani is doubtful that any high heel could be comfortable for her, but is willing to try these.



Cole Haan Antoinette Grand Pump, $400

The 4-inch version of the Revolution line. The ankle notch detail prevents rubbing! Brilliant.




Cole Haan Eliza Grand Pump, $270

The 3.5-inch version that comes in 12 different beautiful colors!




Cole Haan Grace Grand Pump, $280

The 2.5-inch version for even more comfort


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