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The Next Ugly Shoe Trend

Thank heavens “ugly shoes” are fashionable right now. Lani and I spent the entire summer in our comfortable Birkenstocks. We’ve also covered Tevas, shower slides, and Dr. Scholl’s slides in our 2014 and 2015 ugly shoe blog posts. But now, the ultimate ugly shoe may be coming into the high fashion realm. And I’m not sure I can believe my eyes.


What are rubber clogs doing on the blog?! Yep, Crocs may be making a comeback. Christopher Kane designed his own line of Crocs to match his Spring 2017 collection. Then, he sent every one of his models down the runway in the foamy footwear. I’m really conflicted. I love geology-inspired prints and accessories, so these speak to me on that level. The traditional Crocs shape? I’m not so sure. Check out the runway pictures and tell us what you think. Will high-fashion Crocs be making an appearance in your wardrobe?










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