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Fall Handbag Trends: The Reality

Welcome to Part II of  Real Life Style’s Fantasy/Reality Series for Fall 2013 Handbags. Last week we brought you the Fantasy, Fall 2013’s handbag trends at designer price points. This week, check out the Reality part of the series, the trends at more down-to-earth prices. Don’t forget to click through to find out where you can buy these affordable beauties. Once you get to the Pinterest page, click on the image again to reach the handbag’s website. If you haven’t already started a Pinterest board for your Fall 2013 favorites, now might be the time!

pastel 3
pastel 6
pastel 2
pastel 5
pastel 7
pastel 4
Punky Black Leather
punk 3
punk 4
punk 2
punk 6
fur 4
fur 2
fur 3
fur 5
whimsical 4
whimsical 3
whimsical 2
baroque 5
baroque 7
baroque 4
baroque 6


Black and White
black and white 2

 black and white 3

black and white

 black and white 4

black and white 7

 black and white 5

 black and white 6


tapestry 5
tapestry 2

 tapestry 6

 tapestry 7

 tapestry 8

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