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The Return of the Crocs – Fashion LOL

Our regular readers know that we love to give you a good sartorial laugh once in awhile. Do you remember the blog last spring about Crocs’s collaboration with the colorful, English designer Christopher Kane? If you thought those Crocs (with their tiger stripes and stones) were a little out there, you won’t believe your eyes when you see Crocs’s new collaboration with Balenciaga. Croc platforms anyone? Seriously!

As you can see below, some people did actually wear the Christopher Kane Crocs in real life. They were sold on the Crocs website, on, and Nordstrom’s website. However, I’m not sure if they were sold in stores or how many pairs actually sold…

Would you wear Balenciaga’s platform Crocs (shown below)? Although they are definitely cuter than non-designer Crocs, Birkenstocks are still more my style…

Happy LOL!

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