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Women in the Spotlight

 Look for Real Life Style when you join Women in the Spotlight!


I’m constantly preaching the benefits of dressing for the life you want to live. When you dress to empower yourself for every occasion, every day, you are continually reinforcing your personal brand for the world to read and understand. Melissa Dawn Simkins, a leader in personal branding, has recently launched Women in the Spotlight, an amazing new community full of resources for personal branding. Real Life Style is pleased to have contributed content to help all WITS dress to reinforce their personal brand. Take advantage of her MDS Network coaching videos and guest podcasts by signing up for the membership-based community.

A message from Melissa:

“Women In The Spotlight is a global network of leading women who are learning how to bring brilliant branding to their careers without compromising a healthy balanced life. We offer a Brand Leadership Institute focused on a 12 course, 12 week curriculum designed to help you discover purpose, passion, profit and peace of mind. We are thrilled to offer amazing free content as well through a weekly podcast, youtube TV show on the MDS Network called All Things Branding You as well as blogs and more. Get connected to an amazing network to where wonder women join forces.”

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