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A New Year, A New Chance For Your Closet

Ok, dear readers. This is the annual I’m trying to kick your butt into doing something about that dark, scary place you call your closet, blog. I’ve got 4 motivational tips for you. And for reference and extra motivation, here is last year’s blog on the same topic, Resolve to Clear Your Closet and Your Head. There is a great list of related blogs in that one too so check it out.

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No. 1

What are ten things you would you do if you felt (and looked) confident and put-together every day? I’m stealing the bones of this question from my friend Kacy Paide of The Inspired Office because I think it is genius. For instance, most of us don’t realize the time and energy spent trying on the same clothes that don’t work over and over, or even just having to sift through them to get to the clothes in our closet that DO work. Would you schedule more date nights with your husband because you would no longer have to stress out about finding an outfit that makes you feel good? Would you say yes to more last minute dinner invitations because you were confident in what you wore to the office that day? What’s on your list?




No. 2

Make some money! Between tax deductions for donations and selling expensive items in your closet which no longer serve you, it can cost you money not to clean out your closet. I’ve written before about Reddz Trading in the DC area, a resale clothing shop that gives you cash on the spot for your gently worn, designer and name brand clothes. My new awesome resource to share with you is Rebagg. The genius of Rebagg is how CRAZY EASY  it is to sell your designer bags that are no longer serving their purpose. Maybe you made an expensive mistake and you are reminded of it every time you spot it in your closet? Or you received a gift that really isn’t you? Lose the guilt and turn that mistake into money! Rebagg bills itself as the easiest way to resell your designer bags and I would have to agree. Check it out.




No. 3

“Dress as if you’ll meet the man of your life anytime, anywhere.” – @carodemaigret

This quote is a tweet from Caroline Maigret, the author of How To Be Parisian, aka How To Be Chic, right? I used to tell the story of how one client would always say that it didn’t matter if she looked like a schlub when she was walking the dog. Regardless,we made her cute “dog-walking” outfits. Then one day she ran into a major ex-boyfriend and let me tell you how glad she was that she looked cute! Of course, easier said than done. No one is more guilty of looking like a schlub at school drop-off than me, so I understand it is not always easy. Whatever I wear at 7:30am is destined to get snot and oatmeal all over it, so why bother looking coordinated?, I think to myself. Is there an area of your life where you could pick things up a notch? Maybe the gym? I think the picture above illustrates that it doesn’t have to be complicated to be cute.

Just to throw myself under the bus, I’ll tell you what forced me to pay more attention to what I wore at drop-off. A fellow St. Albans Mom came to one of my fashion talks after having seen my article (and picture) in Washington Post Express, but until I told her she did not realize that she saw me most mornings at school. People, there is power in good hair, makeup and clothes. Hopefully that embarrassing story will inspire you too!




No. 4

Imagine how it would feel to start your day if your closet looked like this. Need I say more? Happy 2015!


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