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Best Laid Plans, “Planning Your Style with Lani Inlander”

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Today’s episode is a bit different – it was all inspired by listener Halston (perfect fashion name!), who posed the following set of questions:

What about an episode of how to plan regarding your wardrobe. Possible topic ideas:

-How to plan purchasing pieces 
-How to find a style
– Planning your outfits for the week to simplify mornings and ensure you’re wearing more items out of your closet
-I think lots of working women and moms in particular are looking for a polished casual wardrobe. Best tips to do that?

Upon receiving this email, I immediately contacted Lani (professional stylist, prior BOBW guest, BOBW Patreon member, and someone I generally think is awesome!) and she agreed to come on the show!

She answers these questions + more, and even gets into some of her own planning rituals + tools.

yes! Yes I am! (graphic from her site!)

This was a really fun episode to record! You too can work with Lani — she offers in-person styling (DC area), virtual styling (which I got to experience!) and also an e-course. The pieces Lani helped me pick out are still going strong ~2 years later, from classic dark jeans and elevated tees to work tops to petite dresses.

Thank you Lani for being such a great guest (and friend of the pods!).

Happy Monday everyone – back next week on BLP with my current planner obsession, Hemlock & Oak. I just moved into combo of that + Full Focus (affiliate link – SARAH10 gets you 10% off) and I may be approaching Planner Peace yet again. Time will tell . . .

Listen to Planning Your Style with Lani Inlander

(2) Comments

  1. Liz says:

    Loved this interview – just what I needed!

  2. Lani says:

    Thanks, Liz! Really appreciate it!

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