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1000 Fibers Connect Us with Betsy Fisher, “Meet Lani Inlander”

I was thrilled to be interviewed by my colleague and fashion friend Betsy Fisher for her incredibly addictive fashion podcast, 1000 Fibers. Fellow Washingtonians might remember Betsy Fisher from her eponymous D.C. boutique that closed in 2020 after a multi-decade run. RLS clients know her as one of our trusted resources for well-made, sophisticated clothing. Luckily, Betsy has created POP DC!, twice-a-year pop-ups full of old friends and fabulous clothes. Not in DC? You can still shop Betsy’s fabulous taste online. We miss you, Betsy! 

Betsy Fisher: Before there was even a term for it, Lani knew that she would be a personal stylist. From Skokie to NYC and Washington, DC, our conversation covers the emergence of the business of styling in the ’90s, the building of her own business, Real Life Style, and the transformational value of the service. I have seen and admire the change in her clients’ style and presence, and the work that goes into fostering those changes.

“People literally avoid life when they don’t have the correct, appropriate attire, and they don’t even know they are doing it . . . We have seen it so many times, the opportunities that come people’s way – it’s not that they weren’t there before, it’s that (people) are afraid to embrace life or go after their (opportunities) because they don’t have the right clothing or feel the part until they work with us.”

Lani Inlander

Listen to our conversation below, on Apple Podcasts, or on Spotify.

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