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Media & Human Rights

Lani’s Favorite Podcasts

One thing that might strike you after reading this list is that there is only one fashion podcast on it. I read Women’s Wear Daily, the fashion industry newspaper (well, now online), daily. That’s enough for me. In my podcasts I want someone to tell me how to get stuff done more efficiently, make time for fun, be happier, be a better parent, and run my business more successfully. Hopefully these are things that interest you too! Below you will find a personal list of my favorite podcasts. If you live a relaxed life in LA, you might think I’m …

Style Inspiration

6 Stellar Styling Tips from my Stellair Interview

I’ve been saying for the longest time (more in my head than out loud), that I really want to start guesting on some podcasts. I did a super fun interview last summer with Allie Wilson, someone I’ve known professionally for quite awhile and a fellow identical twin, for the new styling app Stellair, and then…completely forgot about it! So imagine my excitement when she told me a few weeks ago that not only was the Stellair app live, but so was the podcast we’d recorded. Allie has posted interviews with a bunch of different stylists across the country and different …