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How to Create an Intentional Wardrobe

elfaPlatinumReachIn_a1What is an intentional wardrobe? And do you have the guts to create your own?

An intentional wardrobe is one in which every piece is purposeful, wearable, flattering, and dare I say, exciting. Does this sound like your closet? I didn’t think so. Most of us are stuck with what fits, what we’ve been given or guided into buying by a well-meaning friend or family member, and what we’ve grabbed at the store when time-crunched. This is NOT an intentional wardrobe. Rather, it is an accidental one.

How do you create an intentional wardrobe? First you muster up the courage to take honest stock of your current wardrobe. Does it fit, flatter and make you excited to get dressed every morning? Only keep the pieces that “fit” this description. Put those pieces on beautiful, new, matching hangers. Take everything else out of your closet. Rather than feel anxious about how little is in there, I bet you’ll feel relieved not to be looking at clothes you spent money on but never worked or otherwise didn’t make you feel good about yourself.

Secondly, figure out what’s missing. Do you have a coat that makes you feel fabulous? The perfect black pump or pencil skirt? Maybe your lifestyle is more casual so it makes sense to buy the best pair of jeans you can afford and comfortable but stylish flats you can run around in? Your intentional wardrobe is going to be particular to your personal style, lifestyle, body type and climate.

Thirdly, go shopping! Of course you won’t be able to buy everything you need at once. However, as I tell my clients, “Rome wasn’t built in a day and your wardrobe won’t be either.” If you have a targeted fill-in list, rather than just buying what you find or see on sale, you’ll be able to create a wearable wardrobe that makes you feel fabulous EVERY SINGLE DAY. Don’t we all deserve that?

So who are these gutsy people who chuck everything and create their own intentional wardrobes? Usually they are going through a change, such as weight loss, post having babies or beginning a new career. Most of us need that kind of motivation, a time where we are literally left with NOTHING TO WEAR, before we will take action. I say, DON’T WAIT! YOU DESERVE IT NOW!

Where did this blog idea come from? I have two clients who work for the State Department. They relayed to me a conversation they had about how much fun it was to hit reset on their wardrobes and JUST START OVER WITH CLOTHES THAT WORK.  Why did they do this? Their previous postings had been in deserts where their wardrobes were so bleak they wanted to burn the clothes by the end. Their next postings were in locations that valued fashion and femininity, although one in an extremely cold climate and one in an extremely hot location. Faced with having to create an entire wardrobe from scratch, they hired me to help them create their perfect, intentional wardrobes.

What fun I’ve had! Half the battle with new clients is holding their hand as I convince them to let go of the items that aren’t working for them. This time, none of that. Just the joy of buying fabulous new clothes! Whoo hoo! Why should I have all the fun? Go ahead, create your own intentional wardrobe. I dare you.

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