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A Sneak Peek at Summer Festival Fashion

A fashion free-for-all? Now that’s a dream come true! During the month of April, the hottest fashionistas gather in Indio, California for Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, simply referred to as Coachella. Models, designers, celebrities, and concert-goers all use the festival as an opportunity to sport the boldest summer trends, making the fashion just as important as the music! Some of the outfits seen at Coachella may not be appropriate for life after the festival, with short shorts, fringed t-shirts, and flowered crowns all making appearances. However, amongst the daring fashions, there are summer trends seen here that can be worn every day. I’ve picked out some of my favorite looks from the two weekends. Now you tell me which of these trends you could see yourself wearing this summer!

The simple color palette of black and white has made a return this summer. The combination of these two colors can make any outfit appear super chic! Black and white vertical stripes are always flattering or you could keep it cool with a vintage black and white tee.


black and white black and white 5 black and white 4 black and white 3 black and white 2

Printed Pants are a casual trend perfect for relaxing and dancing at Coachella. Wear these to any outdoor event this summer, whether that is a memorial day barbeque or a local concert in the park. I’m still looking for my perfect pair!

pants 1

pants 2 pants 5 pants 4 pants 3

Adorable Mini Dresses make a statement almost every summer. At Coachella, concert-goers are seen in all types of dresses, from fitted and floral to loose and boho-chic. The mini is a shape that never goes out of style for those with good legs! In my next life I am going to have good legs and wear a mini dress every day…

mini 7 mini 6 mini 5 mini 4 mini 3 mini 2 mini 1

For the ultimate bohemian vibe, look no further. A maxi dress is the Coachella must-have. Free-flowing and beautiful, this style of dress is totally comfortable and chic. Many concert-goers paired their maxi skirts with cropped tops or belted their dresses at the waist, creating a flattering hourglass effect. This is also a good look for those with better arms than legs…

maxi 5 maxi 4 maxi 3 maxi 2 maxi 1

The resurgence of denim is a trend that appears as though it came straight from the 90s. From overalls to dresses to jackets, the denim look is appropriate for almost any summertime event!

denim 3

denim 4

denim 5
denim 7 denim 6denim 2

Peekaboo cutouts may seem intimidating at first. While these dresses fit right in at festivals like Coachella, they may feel less natural when worn afterwards. The trick to pulling off cutouts is comfort and confidence. Ok ok, youth helps too! Show off the body part you’re most comfortable with, whether that be the waist, the back or the chest.

cutout 3 cutout 2 cutout 1

When in doubt, keep it light! There were dozens of ivory and white crochet and lace dresses at Coachella. The eyelet and the innocent color scream summer time. Long or short, with boots or with sandals, this dress will keep you looking cool and casual.

dress 1

dress 2

Danielle Snyder, Creative Director of Dannijo
dress 3
Katy Perry
dress 7 dress 6 dress 5 dress 4

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