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Shopping Tips

Things I Bought: Lani’s List

Did anyone else have a thought of trying a “no buy January”? And then abandon that thought as quickly as I did? I blame it on Neiman Marcus and the winter fashion trends for 2024! Seriously though, January can be the best time of the year to shop. The sales are phenomenal and the season is far enough along that you know what you are actually missing or still truly love. See below the damage I’ve done since the start of the year.

Happy shopping!

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Winter Fashion Trends 2024

Veronica Beard Eakin Button-Front Cropped Jumpsuit

I mean, how could I resist a flattering jumpsuit in olive, one of my best colors? I have definitely made too many trips to Neiman Marcus (for my own good) this month!

Veronica Beard Eakin Button-Front Cropped Jumpsuit, $498 $244

Frame Denim Lilac Le Mid Rise V Tee

This Lilac Le Mid Rise V Tee from Frame Denim is currently sold out, but they make a similar shirt in the same signature RLS color! Which is why I had to have it. I mean, obvi.

Frame Denim Lilac Le Mid Rise V Tee, $98

Hilton Hollis Irma Jacquard Dress

The Irma Jacquard Dress from Hilton Hollis is a wonder of a dress. It goes to so many places over multiple seasons. Kyle and I each sold it to a client at his last trunk show. Again, I couldn’t resist!

Hilton Hollis Irma Jacquard Dress, $755 $266

Barbie: The World Tour Book

Pre-order your Barbie: The World Tour Book now! The book chronicles Margot Robbie’s meticulously crafted wardrobe for the Barbie movie press tour. You will also get to see original Barbie doll outfits and other treats from the Mattel archives.

Barbie: The World Tour Book, $55 $49.50

Midori Yoga Planner Stickers

Yes, I’m like a 5-year-old, motivated by stickers. I’m now using the monthly section of my planner to record my exercise sessions. Seeing my planner filled with beautiful Midori Yoga Planner Stickers is my reward for going to Yoga class consistently!

Midori Yoga Planner Stickers, $4.35

What have you purchased so far this year? Let us know in the comments below!

(3) Comments

  1. Vivian Harrington says:

    For “self treating” I nabbed the Veronica Beard Anoki Vegan Leather Dickey Jacket for $209. ( originally $698) ; MM LaFleur Curie pants in navy & monsoon for $85 each (regular $245) ; and Hockley Jean Better Than Denim in Cool Charcoal for $90 (originally $245). The Rag & Bone Logan High Waist Straight Leg Jeans ( med tweed) have been in my Nordstrom cart for 2 weeks ) Trying to resist, but they call to me.

    1. Wow!!! Gold Star!

  2. oh now i just want that jumpsuit but final sale is way too scary!

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