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Fashion Accessories

Your New Holiday Shoe

What is it about glitter shoes that make us girls so happy? Actually, I don’t think they made them the way they do now when I was little. Therefore, I find myself embarrassingly lusting after my boys’ friends’ glitter shoes. Not that kate spade new york and others don’t make fabulous glittery heels, but let’s face it, my social life is just not exciting enough to justify that purchase.

But these glitter loafers from Sole Society? Now you are speaking my language. Add glitter loafers to a pair of cropped ponte pants and a blazer or pretty blouse and presto! You are holiday party ready!


Sole Society Cammila Pointed Toe Smoking Slipper, $69.95


The pointed toe elongates the leg with the comfort of a loafer. That is a fashion win people! The hard part here is choosing which of Sole Society’s Cammila Pointed Toe Smoking Slippers to take home. Gold, silver or black glitter? Or, for this price, all three?!



Have you seen the blog on our favorite metallic Fall shoes? I still love my silver kate spade new york Carima Pointed Toe Loafers, which are no longer on sale, but still fabulous. Need more glitter? Check out Fall 2017 Accessory Trend #3: Twinkle Toes.

Happy Shopping!

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