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Reunited with an Old Love

I recently read an article in Elle Magazine which highlighted the favorite fashion items of different celebrities. Natasha Lyonne waxed on about her beloved black Helmut Lang blazer, which she had unfortunately lost during a whirlwind day of dress fittings. My first thought when reading about her “perfect” blazer? My “perfect” scarf! My long lost scarf! I bought a cream-colored, fringed scarf about 3 years ago. I then proceeded to wear it perhaps one third of all days in the year following until…I lost it.

Why was this scarf perfect? It was summer, yet it was also so fall and spring…It was voluminous enough to cover what I needed to cover through a pregnancy and post-pregnancy, yet folded down into nothing. My scarf turned from a fashion scarf into a nursing cover lickety-split, and was cool enough to wear in the summer yet actually kept me warm when it turned cool in the evening. Did I mention it also matched EVERYTHING? And then one day I went to grab it from my closet…and it was gone. Just gone. I had no recollection of losing it or exactly when I had last used it except that it had been a clutch piece on our trip to Chicago a few weeks before.

So how is my beloved scarf pictured below with my new starry night J. Crew shirt and my fave gold boots from Cole Haan? Where was it for the past 2 YEARS???? Apparently my sister was under some insane impression that I had let her borrow it. WAS SHE NUTS? How could she think I would let her borrow my favorite, irreplaceable scarf? She had been asking for some help in her closet for many months. I was too busy of course. When I finally came over last week, I accidentally found my scarf hanging neatly on a hook in the back of her closet, where I am guessing it has been for 2 YEARS.

Cue music: “Reunited and it feeels sooo goood!”


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