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Shopping Tips

Boys Will Be Girls

We’ve mentioned a dozen times how much we love Gucci and its current designer Alessandro Michele. But you’re probably having a hard time imagining your man wearing any of the following pieces (unless he’s a REAL trendsetter). In case you didn’t know, the whole androgynous thing is very in right now. This week, as we were shopping in the men’s store at Bergdorf Goodman, Lani and I fell in love with so many pieces in the Gucci section (as usual). However, we couldn’t exactly picture the clothing worn by the intended gender. Instead, we were exclaiming “wait, I want that,” …

Fashion Accessories

Cameo Jewelry with a Twist

. And on with the fun! Kyle and I were strolling through Bergdorfs, well ok we were running as always, when we stopped dead in our tracks in front of the Amedeo monkey necklace above. (FYI, it is only available in store, which is why we don’t have a link for you) Our eyes kept moving from one incredible piece to the next, exclaiming over each one. From his website: “Amedeo’s design philosophy aims at an extremely contemporary approach to the ancient art of cameo making, through alternative materials, unexpected ideas and smile-triggering designs.” We couldn’t agree more. Love the …

Shopping Tips

Why We Love Gucci Right Now

“More and more.” This seems to be the mantra of Alessandro Michele, the new designer for Gucci. It has been many years since I considered walking into Gucci for my clients. Specifically, I haven’t been very interested in their ready-to-wear or accessories since the Tom Ford years. Oh gosh, I’m really dating myself here! Of course I had read about the new line and even bought some pieces for clients at Bergdorf’s the last few seasons. But then… One of our clients stopped by the boutique on 5th Avenue in New York, my old stomping grounds, and came out with a …